Welcome one and all! Welcome to me, my thoughts, my ramblings, my randomness, my love, my loss, my hope, my dreams, my anger, just my! I am not complex once people know me, my grammar isn’t the greatest and believe me the grammar Nazis are out there and as long as they comment on the content instead of just abusing my grammar then we shall get on fine (maybe lol).

I am not starting this for people to agree with me (although bonus points if you do), I want people to criticise me, I want to be challenged, but if criticism is to be meted out make it count for something. “This is shit!” may well be criticism, but “This is shit because ……..” is so much more effective.

The first thing I have uploaded is a piece I wrote in 2010, which after reading tonight has made me want to write again, even if nobody reads it I use it as an outlet for me. I am going to try and at least write something weekly (setting an alarm and everything), subjects will be diverse, covering everything from my life directly to random shit happening around the world! Enjoy

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