Not Quite Sure What To Call This

I have the bug, people may not be reading my work and I don’t care. At this stage I am writing for me, if people stumble across my ramblings then fair one. Each day I am inspired by the vast multitude of people using this site to air their views and articulate them in such a way that I wonder why they are not able to share these views wider by writing for national/international publications. As much as the internet is international this site is just one tiny portion of the whole, that if we are to be honest is more interested in porn than reading honest opinions, based on honest feelings backed up with a touch of common sense and humour.

Where would I be without writers like asealskhaki with her eye opening piece “I’m Sick and Tired Of This Shit (The Things My Country Does Best)” about the realities of corruption in India, a piece both inspiring and humour filled in its delivery (and downright assassin like in the case of certain Bollywood “stars” lol).

barbtaub’s, “Serial kid-producer reveals top 10 reasons not to have kids” cheered me up no end today as anybody that has kids cannot help but empathise and nod in understanding whilst laughing and reminiscing.

Katherine over at “I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This Blog – Holdin’ Out for a (Nonwhite)(Funny)(Fictional)Hero” Is a post that makes you think deeply about societies acceptance of a normalcy that really shouldn’t be the norm in the 21st century!

Also mummyspitsthedummy, literally saved me today with “Hungover With Kids (Or, Please Please Just Kill Me Now)”, having to escort a miserable sod around and whilst waiting for one appointment I read this and tried to stop myself from laughing out loud. Her piece about breastfeeding in public as well was enlightening as it was memorable for those that have been in that situation or (for the men, those of us who actually empathise and support).

I am sure there will be more people I thank over the coming weeks, months, Years?? But for this week these ladies have my awe and also help me to reinforce my plans to keep writing in the vain hope that someone takes notice and enjoys it, critiques it, argues with me, agrees with me or whatever.

Self Important Assholes

 So that starts off today, I have decided to write about self important assholes today as I have come across one of these “people” (<<< I use this term loosely) today. Every now and then, I meet these people in the military they tend to be freshly promoted and I can only hope that I wasn’t the same after promotion. Now this particular person is by means of the lucky lottery (as he definitely didn’t get it on merit) recently promoted to the same rank as myself (I got mine on merit lol), walking into work this morning I catch him chewing out (talking to loudly and sternly) a fresh out of the wrapper, just passed training, sprog! Why? Because the sprog had said good morning to him and not addressed him by rank………… Now this grips my shit as we are low enough in the pecking order for first name basis (once you know it of course lol) and not high enough for someone to address us by rank unless we are in the shit. Sprog practically panicked when he saw me coming and just so he avoided a bollocking “Good Morning Corporal!”, this is the bit where I asked him what had gone on and he told me. I hit the roof got the kids name and extension number and set off after the asshole. Needless to say after a large slice of my mind including a point where he tried to argue with me (bad idea as my mood was described as “Peachy” which most people take to mean “Do not piss off!”), I casually handed him the piece of paper with the name and number and made him apologise. He defended his actions as “I’m having a bad day” my response of “congratulations” wasn’t received too well. I don’t put up with this shit, the lads who work for me know I am easy going and laid back, they also know that I will fight there corner if needed and also discipline them if that is needed. Due to this knowledge I have a bloody good team who know what I expect and often deliver above and beyond (with the odd individual exception). This newly promoted Cpl didn’t understand this and won’t understand it properly until he has his own team of people working under him. And with the help and support of the people around him, he can be an effective team leader. 

What is the relevance behind all this? People, without them then there is no point. Regardless of what you do or who you are, you need the people around you to form a support structure that will keep you going when you are low, keep you going when you are on a high and vice versa, these people need you as much as you need them. Some days they need more, some days you need more. Social interactions define us, make us who we are and help us to live the way we want to live. I am reminded of this a lot this week as we are dealing with one individual who despite numerous attempts at being helped has now found themselves in the disciplinary stage and yet still I am not giving up on the idiot (getting close, but not there yet). I have a standard rule when dealing with people, I will always give chances, it used to be only one but I realise some people need several to work out how to work with someone beneficially. So now I give chances and people push me and push me and take advantage of my good nature, which is when they realise that I push back and I push back hard. I believe that everybody has to be pushed back once or twice in their life as it teaches them that the stark reality of life is that you do not always get what you want, I have seen people confused when their looks haven’t got them what they want, but hey ho that’s life.

People and their many types, genders, roles in life and behaviour give me endless things to write about, both the good and the bad. I will try to outweigh the good with the bad wherever possible as I feel this world needs to see more of the good otherwise inevitably we will continue to slide downwards into a dark spiral where all we ever see is the bad things happening, when that happens hope is lost and once hope is lost what is left?

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