The Ethics of Making Money off of Naked People

And you can make money this way, hmmmmmm??

But it does pose an interesting question, what do people think?


Is it ethical to make money off of other peoples backs (and fronts), by running a webcam site?

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Time Flies (Tempus Fugit, Carpe Donut!) Seize The Donut

The date August the 5th, the time 2237, the year 2005 14 days from now I will be coming to terms with the new given to me 4hrs earlier that my dad has passed away, I will never see him again or be able to ask him all the questions I have for him.

Fast forward to 2009, same date, same time. I have just completed the most stressful 6hr car journey of my life to be with my wife in hospital, because in about four hours time I will hold my daughter for the first time and welcome her into this crazy, beautiful world.

Another 6yrs pass by, same time, same date. That beautiful little girl I was preparing to meet will be 6 tomorrow and she is sending my arm numb as she falls asleep on me in the armchair and I am typing this one handed, which as a touch typist is a pain as I would have finished typing this about ten minutes ago.

It only feels like 5 minutes has passed since Jasmine was this tiny, blanket swaddled baked bean and only 10 minutes since I last sat down for a beer with my dad, don’t make my mistakes, ask questions you need answers to, tell people you love that you love them. Time flies regardless of whether you are having fun so seize the donut and have the biggest bite you can have!

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy… and Mama

After reading this I cant stop thinking about my dad who passed away 10yrs ago. May right down some of the stories he shared with me!
But enough about me get on storyshucker if you want some entertainment.


With Father’s Day coming up this Sunday I’d like to acknowledge the obvious individual…Mama.

She still laughs remembering Daddy’s funny stories. He artfully told his silly tales and endless supply of jokes to keep everyone entertained. Daddy could be truly funny and Mama was the first to laugh. After sixty years of marriage there’s no doubt she’d heard his material several times over but Daddy loved to see people laugh and Mama wouldn’t have him disappointed. She loved him and laughed hard at his jokes, chastised his colorful language, and coyly prompted him to repeat her favorites. Daddy enjoyed making others laugh and Mama happily served as the perfect straight man even if she occasionally found herself the brunt of his playful banter.

An aunt grinned and asked Mama, “How in the world do you live with him?”

“It ain’t easy.” Mama answered, shaking her head.

Daddy’s vegetable garden was perfection…

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